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Eymeric Laurent-Gascoin self-portrait

Eymeric Laurent-Gascoin is a committed, self-taught photographer. Since 2006, he has made many voyages on a personal initiative, as well as humanitarian missions accomplished with MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières), which have opened him up to the world. The reality of the consequences faced by displaced populations in the context of the wars he had to come to grips with, had a profound effect on him. The idea, followed by the desire to capture on film faces, human beings, scenes of everyday life naturally came to be without any kind of premeditation on his part and the option of film, as opposed to numeric photography, quickly became apparent as the best choice. The film approach with its surprises and especially the incapacity to discover immediately the photo are finally illusionary constraints that really give the photographer added freedom.
The urge to testify brings him to the people, the women, the children, may they be from Mogadishu, Peshawar, Misrata… displaced, fleeing the combats, the armies or the militia, with a motivation completely free of the kind of ‘sensationalism’ produced by photographing wounded, mutilated bodies arriving at a hospital…
Photography is the link between his roots and the destinations that find themselves on his path. He sees a link between people whether they are here, or over there…

A camera, even film-based, does not replace a retina, nor a brain or a heart

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