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First prize IPA 2022 still in motion editorial category

The multimedia story “No parole – Dahr El Djebel detention center, Libya” got the 1st prize in still in Motion/Video/Editorial category at the Int’l Photography Awards (IPA) 2022. This multimedia story was done in Libya between November 2019 and February 2020. Based on the reportage “No Parole” editing was done with the help of Hélène de Valon and audio mix by Ro3. Last month, I got some news from the two people interviewed in that multimedia story, Asmrom A. is […]

Libya, editing & post-prod under process

Libya, “in the heart of detention” The work is still in progress: films processing, contact prints and editing is over and all the negatives that have been scanned are in post-production. This reportage was done between October 2019 and February 2020 in Dahr Al Djebel detention center where migrants and refugees are arbitrarily jailed for an indefinite period. They are not criminals but some have been locked up for more than three years… The full reportage is coming soon.

The “West Coast” photo report won the jury prize at the photo festival “Le Off”

The “West Coast” photo report produced in Yemen in 2018 won the 1st jury prize at the photo festival “Le Off” (St-Brieuc) Thanks to the jury and the whole team.

Exhibition “West Coast” – photo festival le Off (St-Brieuc)

I am pleased to participate at the next photo festival le Off, from October 19 to November 17, 2019. More information on the photo festival (in) are available here. I will exhibit 25 pictures from the project realized in 2018 in Yemen: West Coast. Those pictures will be displayed in the commercial mall les Champs, 1, rue Sainte Barbe, St-Brieuc.

Honorable mention IPA 2019

The photo-reportage “West Coast – Yemen” got two honorables mentions at the Int’l Photography Awards (IPA) 2019 in Editorial/Press categories: War/Conflict and in Analog/film categories. Here is the link for all IPA honorable mentions 2019

West Coast Yemen

Exhibition “West Coast, Yemen” – Le Loo (Nantes)

Exhibition “West Coast – Yemen” will take place between 4 – 30 September 2019 Opening will take place on Friday 13th of September at 6:00PM At Le Loo – Gourmet Bookstore/Café 22 rue Baron 44000 Nantes – France

The reportage “West Coast” is now online [teaser]

The new reportage “West Coast” – Yemen is now online. It was realized in November and December 2018 in Ta’izz & Hudaydah governorates along the Yemen West Coast (Red sea). All shooting were done on film 135 black & white (Ilford delta 400 with 35mm focal lens) Thanks to Hélène de Valon for editing the teaser (in french). Her work can been seen on her website: www.photos-sonores.com (at the time of that post still under construction) and on her Facebook […]

Madeleine “Fripes & Bidules” shop inauguration [Secours Populaire]

Friday, March 8, 2019 took place the Madeleine “Fripes & Bidules” shop inauguration. It is a pilot project of the association Secours Populaires  Nantes, a new generation shop in a vintage and timeless atmosphere. The inauguration took place in the presence of the Loire-Atlantique federation, antennas of neighboring departments, elected officials of Nantes city, the department and the region and all the volunteers who allowed this project to succeed … All inauguration was on soundtracks orchestrated by Romuald Tual…

Yemen, editing & post-prod under process

Yemen, the work is still in progress, the editing is over and now all the negatives that have been scanned are in post-production. This reportage was done the last few months in Ta’izz & Hudaydah governorates along the Yemeni West Coast (Red sea). While people on the West Coast of Yemen have historically faced austere living conditions, a vast coalition offensive against the Houthis was conducted on the coastal area of the Red Sea since December 2017… The full reportage […]

Yemen, new reportage is coming soon

Yemen, a new reportage is coming soon; it was done the last few months in Ta’izz & Hudaydah governorates along the Yemeni West Coast (Red sea) All black & white films are already processed; contact sheets will be done soon and it will be followed by editing (before scanning the negatives)