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Left Behind
Raja - Soudan du Sud (2018)

Laissés derrière

Inside ALIMA
Bahr el-Ghazal - Soudan du Sud (2018)

Inside ALIMA

Dire Sheikh Hussein: family portrait. 4x5" Black & White Film
Dirree Sheek Huseen – Ethiopie (2016)

Culte des Saints II

Calais, "La Jungle" - house burning during dismantling of the southern district…
Calais - France (2016)

No man’s Land

Calais, "La Jungle" - The 2 and 3 March, nine Iranians sow their lips shut and begin a hunger strike to protest against the expulsions happening… Nobody cares!
Calais - France (2016)


South Kordofan (جنوب كردفان‎‎): An old John Garang campaign poster sticking to a wall like a persistent dream.
Kordofan du Sud - Soudan (2014)

Les Oubliés

Kuwait Arabic gulf: sorting the fish immediately after harvesting
Golfe Arabo-Persique - Koweït (2013)

Pécheurs en golfe Arabo-Persique

October 2012, MSF-France pediatric hospital, Wadajir district, Mogadishu
Mogadiscio - Somalie (2012)

Espoirs & désespoir

Mogadishu, food distribution taking place under close surveillance of by local militia in Wadajir district
Mogadiscio - Somalie (2011-2012)

« Beautiful » Mogadishu

Urban Survivors (Mathare): 3 homeless like the three wise monkeys
Mathare/Nairobi - Kenya (2010)

Urban Survivors

Mathare slum (Nairobi)
Mathare/Nairobi - Kenya (2010)

Mathare diversité

Dire Sheikh Hussein (Ethiopia): "Muda" praying in front Sheikh Nur Hussein shrine
Dirree Sheek Huseen - Ethiopie (2009)

Culte des Saints ou Légende et Piété

Charsadda, an IDP camp in Palosa school
Peshawar - Pakistan (2009)

Une saison au Pakistan

Darfur (دار فور‎‎): Morany IDP camp view from the djebel
Darfour de l'ouest - Soudan (2006-2007)

Mornay camp de déplacés