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Health care returns by ALIMA

Health care returns by ALIMA

My reportage done for ALIMA is now online: https://alima-ngo.exposure.co/health-care-returns Health care returns Stories from the hospital in Raja, South Sudan “In South Sudan, ALIMA and its local NGO partner, AFOD (Action for Development), have been providing free health care in the hospital in the north-western city of Raja since May 2017. Our teams have been reaching local populations outside of Raja city with mobile health clinics since July 2017. Despite the relative stability in Raja, the health care needs remain […]

New reportage “Inside ALIMA” uploaded

New reportage “Inside ALIMA” uploaded on my website. It was done begining of 2018 in Western Bahr el Ghazal (Lol state) in South Sudan. Short focus on two patients: Malia & Rita In 2003, Malia, 33, began taking medicine for epileptic seizures. After fleeing Raja to the bush with her family when the city was attacked in 2016, Malia and her family were able to return to Raja in 2017. “Since the beginning of the conflict, it became difficult to […]

New reportages coming soon

New reportages are coming soon, they were done the last few months in Western Bahr el Ghazal (Lol state) in South Sudan: One photo-reportage made for ALIMA (Alliance for International Medical Action) and that will be published very soon on ALIMA website and on Social network, and of course on my website before the end of the month. And a more personal work, called “Left Behind” that still requires a careful editing of the negatives before scanning them. It should […]

Atelier la Comète new website online

l’Atelier la Comète new website is now online… The photos of the website are from a shooting done last summer (Analog photography 6×6). Some of them can be seen on my website in ‘Other work’ portfolio: Atelier la Comète & other ones, plus many information on Edwige work, on l’Atelier la comète website: http://atelierlacomete.com/

EyLG website is now available in French

The website EyLG is now available in French. All contents, Menus, portfolios “Reportage” & “Other work”, Blog (…) have been translated. The language selector is accessible at the top of the page. The default version of the site remains the English version.

Portfolio Other work updated

The page/portfolio “Other work” has been updated, new projects and some archive were added. Including a project done in Ethiopia during 2016 Ramadan (1437 A.H), simply named “Dirree Sheek Huseen & surrounding” it’s directly linked to “Cult of the Holy Saints II” previously published in Reportage. and three weddings: Katell & Tom Cécile & Fab Hortense & Bruno In the coming weeks other projects should be added

Two projects updated (interviews added)

The website has been updated: “the Forgotten” (South Kordofan – Sudan) and “Hopes & despair” (Mogadishu – Somalia) projects have been updated. In both, extracts of interview were added.

More pictures from Ethiopia, editing under process…

New pictures will be added soon on the website, processing is already done and editing is under progress… This series is related to the previous work “Cult of the holy Saints II” and “Cult of the holy Saints or Legend & Piety” done in Ethiopia in Dirree Sheek Huseen village a 10th century Islamic center of Sufi “pilgrimage”  

A wooden wall, Carantec beach

French version will be back online soon

www.eylg-photo.com website has been freshly updated. In the following days several maintenances are planned to update some portfolios (“the Forgotten” and “Hopes & despair” in both some interviews will be added) and to enable the new French version…